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In California, for example, you can request cards online. Just fill out the form on their Web site to request a fingerprint card. You can ask as many as 10 cards but you probably won't need that many. In Illinois, you can email the board liason (FPR.PRFGROUP09(at) and request the card to be sent to your address. Expect to wait AT LEAST 2 weeks for the fingerprint cards to arrive.

Once you have the cards, fill out the requested information. You'll find the instructions on how to fill out the card in the application packet or application form for nursing registration. Next, follow these steps:

1) Go to the Carriedo office of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI). If you don't know how to get there, go to Quiapo Church (hard to miss), stand in the middle of Plaza Miranda, say a little prayer first but don't close your eyes to avoid being robbed, and walk towards the left of the church (that's the left side if you're facing the church). Once you reach the place where old ladies sell candles, follow the street to your left (I think you'll see KFC somewhere there) and after you pass the first intersection, ask where the NBI office is. They'll point you to a building to the right, which is more like a mall, where you'll find the NBI Clearance Center on the third floor. Go early and avoid going on Mondays and Fridays because that's when most people go.

2) Pay P20 at the entrance gate. Don't skip this part. I've tried that and got through, but when I was at the processing area already, they asked for the receipt. Of course, I couldn't show any so I had to go back down to pay the fee.

3) Go to the 6th floor (Room 604) and just say you're processing a fingerprint card for the US. Fill out the log book and you'll be given a piece of paper.

4) Go one floor down to the fingerprinting area and ask for the person that handles fingerprint cards for the US. Although you'll see many tables there taking fingerprints, there's only about one or two assigned agents authorized to process the US-bound fingerprint cards.

*** There's some sort of a money-making scheme at the NBI where they sell you paper tissue to wipe off the ink on your fingers after your prints have been taken. They WON'T TELL YOU FIRSTHAND that they're selling you something, but they'll just ask for P5.00. Naturally you'll be left wondering what the payment's for, until you're handed the wet wipes.

5) After you're prints are taken and recorded on the cards, you're done. There's a Jollibee and a KFC store near the Quiapo Church if you get hungry from your NBI adventure.

Send the completed fingerprint cards according to the instructions on the state board application packet. As earlier mentioned, each state will have different requirement and instructions. In California, just send the card back to the state BON. The cost of fingerprint processing ($35)( PLEASE CHECK THIS FROM THE BON WEBSITE ) is already included in the total fees you pay them.

*** TIP: Whenever possible, send your requirements with another person (a friend or a classmate) if you're both applying to the same state. The costs will come out cheaper because you can split the charges. Fedex charges around P1,400 for each mail you send out.


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