Friday, June 6, 2008

CPH Post-Graduate Training Course on Health Promotion (June 23-28, 2008)

Organized by: Dept. of Health Promotion & Education, UP College of Public Health

Description of the Course:

This course contains concepts, principles and strategies of health promotion and education. This course will also deal with health promotion planning with Precede and Proceed model as the main framework.

Contents of the Course:

1. Foundations of Health Promotion and Education

2. Concepts and Principles of Health Promotion and Education.

3. International Conferences of Health Promotion; From Ottawa Charter to Bangkok Declaration.

4. Health Promotion Processes.

5. Health Promotion Strategies

6. Health Promotion Planning

Target Participants: Health Professionals performing health promotion and education activities/ Health Promotion and Education Officers (HEPO's)/ HEPO-designates Information Officers /Nurses

Payment: P 7,500.00/participant
Inclusive of lunch, 2 snacks, and course materials.

VENUE: Press Room, Ground Floor, CPH Annex 2, UPM grounds, Pedro Gil St., Ermita, Manila FOR MORE INFO: Please call (632) 526-0811 / fax (632) 521-1394


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