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Pearson Professional Centers - PHILIPPINES

Pearson Professional Centers-Manila, Philippines
Telephone: 8210 2929 7803
Address: 27th Floor, Trident Tower 312 Senator Gil Puyat Avenue, Makati City, Manila

From Buendia LRT Station take a Guadalupe-bound jeepney.

Trident Tower is located immediately after the old Shell Maya station, just off the Ayala-Buendia stoplight.

Examinees coming from EDSA (Buendia MRT or Guadalupe Tulay) should take an LRT-Taft-bound jeepney and alight just before the Ayala Avenue - Malugay intersection. Those coming in from Ayala Avenue should walk towards Buendia via Geronimo Street (RCBC Plaza and Metrobank GT Towers)

Applicants in the Asia Pacific (Philippines included) who wish to schedule an exam should call +612 9478 5400 (EXT. 3) 8:30 am-6 pm.

By dialing this number, you are making a long distance call to Australia.
There is no local number available yet.
You must also have a credit card ready to pay the scheduling fee.

Philippines CONTACT NUMBER: 180014410321

The number listed above was listed as the official number of the Pearson office in Manila, however, it was removed from the Web site a few days after.

If you can't reach this number, you may try other Pearson Vue hotlines:
* The Asia-Pacific call center (based in Australia): +612-94785400
* You may try this number as well: 1280061294785400(The prefix 1 and 2 might be for int'l dialing, so you can replace it with your use your provider's int'l dialing instructions, for ex. +1 or +001, etc.)
* You can also try this: 1800-1110-0796 loc 3


From Quezon City -- The fastest way is by riding the MRT. Get off Buendia station. Walk towards the Shell gas station, across it is a jeepney terminal. Get on any of the jeepneys plying the Buendia route and ask the driver to drop you off at RCBC Plaza. After you get off, cross the street and walk towards the Shell Maya gas station. Trident Tower is a building or two after the gas station.Another option is by taking a bus from Buendia station after getting off the MRT. Take the Ayala-bound bus and ask to be let off at RCBC Plaza. Walk towards the back of RCBC Plaza where you'll see the Shell Maya gas station.

From Marikina -- A number of FX or shuttle vans travel to Makati daily. Take an FX to Makati. Usually shuttle vans turn around before reaching RCBC Plaza, but ask the driver if he'll pass by RCBC Plaza. If not, ask to be let off either along Buendia Ave. and take a jeepney from there to RCBC Plaza or along Ayala Ave. where you can walk towards RCBC Plaza. When you reach RCBC Plaza, walk towards the Shell Maya station. Trident Tower is a building or two away from the gas station.

From ParaƱaque -- You can take a bus or a shuttle van to Makati. Most shuttle vans let you off at the Landmark mall terminal. From Landmark, take a jeepney to Pacific Star building at Buendia and from there take another jeepney towards RCBC Plaza.

From Taft -- Take a bus to Makati, preferably one that will pass by Buendia Ave. Get off at Shell Maya gas station, right after RCBC Plaza. Walk towards Trident Tower right after the gas station.If you take the LRT, get off at the Buendia station, and ride a bus to Makati. There are two types of buses: one that passes along Ayala Ave. and one that passes along Buendia Ave. take the bus that goes through Buendia and get off at Shell Maya gas station right after the Ayala-Buendia intersection. You can still take the bus that passes through Ayala Ave. but you have to get off before the Ayala-Buendia intersection. You can walk to RCBC Plaza and Shell Maya gas station from there, and then to the Pearson office.From the Domestic Airport -- you can get a cab to Makati or take a bus to Makati. You can either get off at Buendia Ave. or get off Taft Ave. and take the MRT to Buendia station. Once in Buendia, take a jeepney across the Shell gas station to RCBC Plaza. Trident Tower is a building or two away from the Shell Maya gas station.

From Ayala MRT station -- If you prefer to get off at the Ayala MRT station, take an Ayala Loop jeepney and get off at Makati Medical Hospital. Walk towards Ayala Ave., cross the street to RCBC Plaza and walk towards the Shell Maya gas station. Trident Tower is a building or two away from the gas station.

Special note: Makati is notorious for its horrendous traffic jams. So, scout the area before your test date and go early to the test center on the big day itself.

If possible, don't schedule an early morning or late afternoon exam to avoid rush hour.

You don't have to stay near the test center, but there are several hotels, condotels, and places that offer accommodations in Makati.

Fare: The MRT charges a maximum of P15 from the farthest terminal. Jeepney fares cost P7. From Buendia, a bus ride costs P10. Flagdown rate for taxi cabs starts at P30.


CTS or Continental Testing Service is the accredited agency that handles applications for nursing licensure
ATT or Authorization To Test

Registration with Pearson Vue was needed before the Eligibility was issued.
So, if your CES report has been issued or, at least, when all the documents needed for the CES is already complete, you may want to register and pay the testing fee to Pearson Vue ( so that your Eligibility and your ATT can be issued.

Technically, you can register earlier with Pearson Vue since you have one year to get your Eligibility.

Once you get your ATT or Authorization To Test, you have three months (90) days to schedule your exam. The testing fee is $200, and if you're taking the NCLEX outside the US, there's an additional $150-fee.

At this point, CTS is only waiting for yout CES report, which should be ready soon. Be assured that when your CES report is ready, CTS can issue your Eligibility right away (assuming you have everything else completed, e.g. application, fees). They only want you to register with Pearson Vue to complete the entire application

Just register and create an account online with Pearson Vue. You can pay using a credit card, bank draft, or international money order.After you register and pay the $200 fee, you will be issued an ATT or Authorization to Test.

This can take from a few minutes to more than a week, depending on the response time of CTS and IDFPR. Once you get your ATT, you can call the Pearson Vue hotlines to schedule a testing date. Have your ATT and credit card ready when you call as they will need to charge the $150 at this time.



International NCLEX test-takers, including those who will take the test in the Philippines, are required to present their Authorization to Test (ATT) and their passports as proof of identification. The passport is the only form of identification accepted by Pearson Vue, which administers the NCLEX, from international applicants.

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